Champagne J De Telmont

Established in 1912 in Damery, in the heart of Marne, close to Epernay. The house is family run by the Lhopital’s who have 30 hectares of Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier and Chardonnay.

We love the quality of the wines with standout labelling. The Vintage 2005 represents incredible value for money.

Champagne J De Telmont Grande ReserveChampagne J De Telmont NV, Champagne, France

Very fine mousse, the initial nose has slightly vinous pear notes. When swirled, the nose is fruity (quince, pear, apple, white fruits) and floral, with peach and Muscat aromas and mineral note.

This cuvee has a nice and round attack. Subtle, pleasant, light and fruity, it offers a soft and round finish. Ideal as an aperitif, with seafood or white meat.

Champagne J De Telmont Grand RoseJ De Telmont Rose NV, Champagne, France

The colour is raspberry pink with light salmon reflections. Nice, long lasting mousse with fine bubbles.The initial nose reveals citrus fruit notes (grapefruit and lemon). When swirled, berry notes emerge (strawberry ,raspberry and grape),with cherry eventually dominating. In the mouth,the taste buds really explode as if biting into a Morello cherry.There is a good attack with remarkable subtlety and an extraordinarily long finish.To be enjoyed as an aperitif or to pair ideally with seafood (shrimps, prawns, lobster),redmullet, pinkmeat (lamb and duck) ,grilled meat and also with redberry fruit deserts or simply to accompany social or romantic moments.

Champagne J De TelmontJ De Telmont Vintage 2005, Champagne, France

Fine and long lasting mousse,a buttery,brioche note can be discerned on the initial nose. When swirled,the nose is more developed,with almond and toasted bread notes,hints of aniseed, cinnamon and spices.The attack is strong and sumptuously fresh and with an elegant subtlety. This wine delivers beautiful harmony Ideally paired with rich food such as meaty fish (Turbot, JohnDory, Zander), poultry, veal, grilled meat,fruit and aged cheeses and crème brulée…